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Christmas travels Part 3.

We traveled from Kingsville to S. Padre Island staying at Isla Blanca, a county Park, on the very tip of the island.  It is a favorite place for snow birds, mostly from Illinois. They were very friendly.  We walked the perimeter of the park and the south side of the Island.  It was just as windy as we remembered  from 30 years ago.  Otherwise it is now built up with resort hotels. 

I managed to have a very merry Christmas between our special wines with dinner and after dinner drinks as well as partying with the neighbors.  Need I add my recall is vague on the evening part. 

From here we moved west to Mission, the valley.  The weather was wet and cold.  We managed to find grapefruit, pineapple and oranges from a roadside vendor. SO juicy.

We stayed at a lovely park the Bentsen Palm Village, well managed and cared for.  They even had labels on all the plants.  It is next to an international birding center.  Chris borrowed a bicycle and went there.  (I was recovering from my excesses of the…

Christmas travel Day 3 to 5

We left Port Aransas and headed south to Kingsville and an RV park called Sea Wind that is a County Park, well managed very friendly and run by a woman who was very helpful.  The tour of the King ranch never happened as the tour was full and we were not very impressed by the museum so we went over to the Kenedy Museum in Sarita.  It was closed although there were no signs to indicate this until you arrived there.  And it was windy. wow!!  So we walked around the camp and called it a day.  This is me sitting under the afghan Lynn Kelly made for me.  It has little cat buttons  sewn to it.  On the shelf behind me is the lighted bottle arrangement Carolyn made us for Christmas.  Those are fabric post cards on the wall from a swap, the theme was music.

Our Christmas travels Day1-3

First stop  Port Aransas via way the Aransas Pass ferry.  I am scared of heights bridges and being on the edge and being in an RV on a ferry is scary.  (note beading supplies on the dash) That guy is directing us forward,  right on the very front with a view onto the water.

Chris just loved  my stiff look ahead , convinced my eyes were shut.

This is the marina in front of the only open restaurant.  It was sunny and warm

Texas beaches are considered roadways so you can drive on many beaches.  This beach goes for about 20 miles all the way to Mustang Island State Park. We found this RV parked on the beach during our morning walk.  It was hand painted.  Walking on the beaches is just fabulous.  This is all part of Padre Island


This should really be called another mad moment from Monica.  My DIL finally contacted us and said the green dress was a little short.   So I was all set to use the recent cottons by Kaffee Fasset for some little dresses when a cold front came through Kerrville; making cotton dresses seemed redundant. There was no winter fabric available so my psyche grabbed on to the season.  Searching my stash I found vintage black velvet and ribbon striped organza from Malaysia.  Thus began the velvet dress project with a pattern I drafted and the discovery that no-one writes about lining dresses that have gathered skirts  and a velvet bodice with a zipper.  
I decided to add the lining to the front and backs and the skirt and then to sew them all together.  This was a bad decision.  Suddenly I was confronted with joining the shoulders.  Lots of bad words, undoing and skillful moves with the sewing machine eventually resulted in back and front joined.  The skirt and lining  was to be treated as one …