Christmas travels Part 3.

We traveled from Kingsville to S. Padre Island staying at Isla Blanca, a county Park, on the very tip of the island.  It is a favorite place for snow birds, mostly from Illinois. They were very friendly.  We walked the perimeter of the park and the south side of the Island.  It was just as windy as we remembered  from 30 years ago.  Otherwise it is now built up with resort hotels. 

I managed to have a very merry Christmas between our special wines with dinner and after dinner drinks as well as partying with the neighbors.  Need I add my recall is vague on the evening part. 

From here we moved west to Mission, the valley.  The weather was wet and cold.  We managed to find grapefruit, pineapple and oranges from a roadside vendor. SO juicy.

We stayed at a lovely park the Bentsen Palm Village, well managed and cared for.  They even had labels on all the plants.  It is next to an international birding center.  Chris borrowed a bicycle and went there.  (I was recovering from my excesses of the day before).  He saw this green jay, apparently this is one of the few locations it can be found.  

 He knew what it was because of the excellent write up at the viewing stand.  He also said there appears to be a statue of a monkey across the border in Mexico waving. 

The weather forecast for the next few days was for rain and cold so we headed home.  It is only 260 miles away so we can visit at a warmer time.  Super break, we had so much fun.


  1. Hello! One of our dreams is to visit Padre! My dh was raised in Shamrock TX and always wanted to go back to visit the island. Next year we hope to start our snow birding! Thanks for your post and the information about the island. When do you think the best time to visit is? Your life looks very entertaining!


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