This should really be called another mad moment from Monica.  My DIL finally contacted us and said the green dress was a little short.   So I was all set to use the recent cottons by Kaffee Fasset for some little dresses when a cold front came through Kerrville; making cotton dresses seemed redundant. There was no winter fabric available so my psyche grabbed on to the season.  Searching my stash I found vintage black velvet and ribbon striped organza from Malaysia.  Thus began the velvet dress project with a pattern I drafted and the discovery that no-one writes about lining dresses that have gathered skirts  and a velvet bodice with a zipper.  
I decided to add the lining to the front and backs and the skirt and then to sew them all together.  This was a bad decision.  Suddenly I was confronted with joining the shoulders.  Lots of bad words, undoing and skillful moves with the sewing machine eventually resulted in back and front joined.  The skirt and lining  was to be treated as one piece when I realized the black zipper tape would show through the organza in the skirt.  Hours of working trying this and that, more hand basting and sewing than ever dreamed of. The zipper was hand picked and guess what the teeth showed every where. By then it was day 3 and I was not undoing the whole dress so the final version has an organza ribbon lightly attached to the dress over the lower zipper. So that is the dress saga.  So I expect this one to be too long.  Sort of Orphan Annie look or "Lets Play Princess" dress.


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