Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new baby

Chris found Wobbles yesterday and snuck away. He found it again today on the path. The camouflage is incredible. Mom is not too far away. Wobble stoodup and moved when the sun found him. No sunbather here!!!!

Size problem

This is the bracelet I made on my last trip. I thought I had measured it perfectly and it turn out too large. I really love it. I followed the video instructions at "Aunties Beads" for the African Helix stitch. My first online beading lesson. On our next trip i will make lariats in some of the standard stitches. Since the trip i have become obsessed with beads and colors. I have devoured Margie Deebes books on color and searched the web. I finally decided you have to sit with samples and audition.

Here I am celebrating my 35th Wedding Anniversary. Chris bought the gorgeous flowers for me. Such a sweetie.

here is Chris we were drinking a Navarro bubbly, very yummy