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Sacred Feminine Janet RR

In 2010, I participated in a Round Robin swap of art journals with the Sketchbook Project, a Yahoo Group. Every month  a journal arrived and and  two pages created for the theme selected by the books owner.  My favorite was Janet's.  I never showed my photos of it as I wanted it to be a surprise.  I suspected the lack of reverence, deep thought and introspection  was  disappointing. It was fun!
When we were in Tuscon the theme and what to design occupied my  mind .  When we were driving around the University area I was completely blown away by the football Stadium.  It dominated the area, had to have cost millions to build and dwarfed the academic buildings.  It struck me that here was todays temple and sports the god.  So this was my inspiration for Ballz Goddess of Sport
the cover made from a crumpled painted  brown paper bag  covered with gel medium

This Ballz on a background of painted torn tissue paper that was coated with high gloss gel medium.  The balls from various sports a…

Another Christmas is over

Before surgery i set up our only chair with arms and a little higher than the others for me to sit in.  While hospitalized it was taken oven by The KING, Spunky.  He needs shaking off it for me to sit down.  He does let me have it for my coffee every morning.  but expects me to drink that second cup quickly.

On to Christmas dinner

We started with a fine white  Navarro 2009, Pinot Gris.  Here I am with the Cab Sav 2005 also a Navarro.  Smooth and superb taste. 

After the fine rib steaks we moved to the Christmas Pudding.  Of this course I have no memory.

The sauce was liberally laced with brandy, Remy Martin.

Before teaten the brandy was poured over the pudding and set alight.  You will not see the flame as apparently I was madly searching for the camera.

Ah, ha the mince pies.  the glowing eyes in the background are from tripper who was not a participant in the feast, and moved in to claim his couch seat, disappointed there was no ice cream.

New Mexico Travel Journal

Santa Fe is my favorite city in the US.  It is old,  quaint and also a friendly city. It appears to be a favorite place for older women enjoying life.   It came as a surprise that i had never made a journal of our trips their.  The last visit was just before my mastectomy and this visit was for celebrating life. 

My travel books consist of pages from gathered travel catalogs and moments glued onto pages then assembled into a book.  This is a little different.  I started with folded sheets of card stock dividing the trip into the route to Santa Fe, Santa Fe and Taos.
The cover (above)is made from my fabric paper sewn to Peltex and cotton fabric.  We head west on back roads.  The land scape is desolate and the marker at the Fort Sumner State Park told how millions of years ago ancient people scraped a living from the semi barren earth before moving on.  Nothing has changed, spirit of those ancient people remains, the wind blows, the dust swirls and the sun beats down.  

Above is  the insid…

Hip Hip hurrah

After 9 months of increasing pain I finally had hip replacement surgery October 13. I blamed the pain on a ligament and the Arimidex, my cancer drug.  Finally with my GP leaving his practice I went to the orthopedic surgeon.  Hip replacement.  "NO NO not me, I'm a fitness freak this only happens to overweight people!!!!"  I then tried cortisone injections so that I could go on my vacation: it was a pain filled trip.  Returning from vacation I immediately set up the surgery.  

All comfy and recovering at Syd Peterson.
My oncologist Rebecca Barrington stopped the Arimidex after 4 years and new information, a week before surgery.  Wow!  I am me again.  Surgery went fine but the pain killing drug spun me into the world of hallucinations.  Morphine ones were cute green, sparkly butterflies as well as smiling golden worms.  The Hydrocodone were the sixties psychedelic scene and Tramadol was scary psychedelic backgrounds with leaping cats and dark shadows.  So I dropped the pain …


I am in an inspiration card swap with the Sketchbook Project, a Yahoo group and due to some challenges in my life fell behind.
here are some of my contributions.  A list of "prompts" was used as inspiration.  This is not my kind of inspiration as I am more visual than verbal when it come to inspiration.  They are all about 4X 6inches  (everything is "about" when one is measurement challenged).  They were all put in envelopes not just mailed.  Most of mine are sent in clear envelopes, many of the folks i swapped with made envelopes out of calendar pages, catalogs and newspapers. Very interesting.

The prompt for this is "a rare pair of shoes both stylish and comfortable".  I chose this as I liked the idea of doing shoes.  I made computer cards for the other side.  They have addresses on them and decided it's not good to publish addresses for strangers to see.

These are called "music that makes you move your body". I just love Zumba, well the sort…

Homeward bound

We left Chicago and headed south through Illinois and into Missouri spending the night in Cuba, MO at the Candy Cane RV.  We had managed to avoid the Labor Day crush as we left in the morning.  The other side of St Louis the traffic was very heavy and we saw three accident.  We found this RV camp way back of the road.  Just perfect for an overnight stay.  Soon the clouds rolled in it was the outer band of a hurricane that slipped into Texas moving northeast from the pacific.

we visited Ruth and Ron in Carthage MO.  It always rains when we visit them, it was on and off alday and poured all night.

I do miss Ruth and wish it was not so far away.  

Chicago 2

Chris walked along the river and around the lake just about every morning.

Chicago is full of fountains small and large.   

This is the water district display.

This is the cancer survivors garden.  it is very close to John and Liz's apartment. 


Chicago s now my favorite city.  It brims over with energy and excitement.  The diversified population puts a sparkle into everything.  The neighborhoods, the food, music, art, lifestyle.  Our visit was enhanced by our friends and the weather, sunny all the time.  Our friends live overlooking the lake, Grant park and the Museum of Science and Industry.  It is easy to go anywhere and find incredible food. 

Chris and I attended the Jazz Festival a three day free event in the park.
The farmers markets are all over the city.  They are very Yuppy events but the fresh produce and bread is wonderful especially in early September.