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Sketch Book journal Round robin

Most of my journal are collages of trips we take in the RV.  This is  a round robin where each participant selects a theme and creates a journal that is  sent every month from one participant to the next.  Each person creates two pages and then sends it on.  It is great fun and the results can be spectacular.  This is a yahoo group and there are 10 people signed up.  Here are my covers, title page introduction and first spread. 
It does not seem that I can ever have the photos placed where I want them Lets see, whew i moved it.   

This below is the next page.
Now to see if I can add the rest.                                                                                                                       

This is my first theme page Simple Pleasures.  it is a collage, not so good.  Next is a sample of some of my creations in fabric and paper clay.

Now my signature page for participating artists.

This is the signature page, just decorative.  The pages fold out like an accordion book.  Th…

Love gone wild swap

I am participating in an ATC swap with Creative Lenna.  She selected the theme though I think it was meant to be set in bygone times where romantic love is thought to have existed.  I could not resist using this imagery .  The tigers were made from Shrink Art.  The background was a heart fabric and the pictures of the mistresses (ha!) from magazines,  all reduced in Print Master.  The whole is covered with burnt poly organza.  This gives it a flimsy look,  the very nature of such wild flings.  Lenna provided some images that I altered in PSP.  The back is the label created on the computer.


We love hummingbirds. Chris spends hours during the summer answering their summons when they tap on the window to let him know that the feeder is empty. Last night we watched, a PBS a program on hummingbirds. 

 Tripper loved it and headed for a closer view. I moved in for another shot (I was meant to be serving dinner). It was at this point that he attacked the screen and Daddy Cat yelled at him.  

So returned to serving dinner and at that point picked up the plate there was a crash and the filled wine glass crashed to the floor just as tripper once more lunged at the TV.    Both cats fled and we gathered up broken glass.  Later tripper returned sitting on the couch, at a safe distance, and watching intensely.  

Today i began an art journal project.  While mixing the Golden Gel with water it shot out from my hand all over the floor and my pants.  What a mess and I just hope I managed to find it all.