Sketch Book journal Round robin

Most of my journal are collages of trips we take in the RV.  This is  a round robin where each participant selects a theme and creates a journal that is  sent every month from one participant to the next.  Each person creates two pages and then sends it on.  It is great fun and the results can be spectacular.  This is a yahoo group and there are 10 people signed up.  Here are my covers, title page introduction and first spread. 
It does not seem that I can ever have the photos placed where I want them Lets see, whew i moved it.   

This below is the next page.
Now to see if I can add the rest.                                                                                                                       

This is my first theme page Simple Pleasures.  it is a collage, not so good.  Next is a sample of some of my creations in fabric and paper clay.

Now my signature page for participating artists.

This is the signature page, just decorative.  The pages fold out like an accordion book.  The decorative pieces are fabric beads.


  1. OOOH. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to hold it in my hot little hands! Love the happy fabric! I can just imagine a pair of pants and the look on those "proper ladies'" faces, LOL

  2. Monica, It looks beautiful! so colourful! I especially like the buggy!

  3. Thanks everyone for you enabling comments. They make me feel inspired to make more.

  4. Monica .. I certainly hope you share some wonderful fabric technique when my journal gets to you! Your journal is wonderful ..


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