We love hummingbirds. Chris spends hours during the summer answering their summons when they tap on the window to let him know that the feeder is empty. Last night we watched, a PBS a program on hummingbirds. 

 Tripper loved it and headed for a closer view. I moved in for another shot (I was meant to be serving dinner). It was at this point that he attacked the screen and Daddy Cat yelled at him.  

So returned to serving dinner and at that point picked up the plate there was a crash and the filled wine glass crashed to the floor just as tripper once more lunged at the TV.    Both cats fled and we gathered up broken glass.  Later tripper returned sitting on the couch, at a safe distance, and watching intensely.  

Today i began an art journal project.  While mixing the Golden Gel with water it shot out from my hand all over the floor and my pants.  What a mess and I just hope I managed to find it all.    


  1. What a day that was!!!! I'm sure you're glad it eventually ended. And next to a better day. Can;t only get better from here, right? Thanks for the funny story.

  2. I love the photo of Tripper watching the TV!! Those cats of yours are so funny!!

  3. Tripper usually goes hunting when Chris leaves for the hunting lease(currently helping out a friend. This morning I was relieved that Tripper had not left me a mouse or bird. He does have two bells round his neck. Worst of all Spunky a former feral cat, now an urban cool cat, eats all of tripper's catches unless we reach them first.

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