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RR Sketch Book Project

i mailed off my first journal for this RR.  The theme was the Texture of Life. This theme was somewhat baffling so I just went ahead with an idea of returning to crazy quilting where I love to use fabric and stitches to create texture to create a fantasy landscape with silks and various threads.  My inability to convey measurements to a project really nailed me it was smaller than the page.  So it was mounted on black felt and the surrounding page was re-painted.  Re painted because the book owner had painted a background on to all the pages and it needed a color change for my landscape.  

The next page is all about friends, sharing a bottle of wine and cats.  All vibrant textures in my life.  Well what really happened is I found this image, Bahama Mama, in my stash and it jumped out saying "use me, use me". It must have come off an old card.    So then I made a few changes to the original plan and was very pleased with the result

Ella's stuff

Laura, Ella's mom, hinted that Ella has a new doll crib 21cm x 52 cm that needed a quilt and it was white.  So after the dress was finished, suitable children's novelty fabric was pulled out and this was the result.  It does rather look and feel like a table runner. SO back to the fabric stash and I found a more little girl fabric, bought some Hi Loft batting  and here you have it .  I made it smaller and added a pillow.  hope it covers dolly!
Wow here is a chance to use the perspective tool on PSPX2.  Today i decided to have a go at pants and use up that gorgeous pin whale from the too small dress.  Since Ella does not wear diapers and Laura wants them to be narrow legged I played around.  Can't believe they will fit.  Oh have to get elastic as there is none in my stash.
So now to clean up.

Another dress for Ella

The flowers have a Swarovski crystal in the center.  I ironed these on to some of the flowers.  i lined the bodice in lime green.

This is Kaffee Fasset fabric .  The pattern called for lining the sleeves and skirt.  That seemed overkill.  Now I have practise I will be a little bolder with the designs.


Chris telling me not to take a photo

It appears that over the weekend I went wild cooking.  Here is the Onyx stew. It Chris's hunting buddy Jerry gave us about 20 pounds.  So we had it made into a fillet and stew meat.  It was fabulous.

This was the grand finale of cookies, sausage rolls and pizza.