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Laura, Ella's mom, hinted that Ella has a new doll crib 21cm x 52 cm that needed a quilt and it was white.  So after the dress was finished, suitable children's novelty fabric was pulled out and this was the result. 
It does rather look and feel like a table runner. SO back to the fabric stash and I found a more little girl fabric, bought some Hi Loft batting  and here you have it .  I made it smaller and added a pillow.  hope it covers dolly!

Wow here is a chance to use the perspective tool on PSPX2.  Today i decided to have a go at pants and use up that gorgeous pin whale from the too small dress.  Since Ella does not wear diapers and Laura wants them to be narrow legged I played around.  Can't believe they will fit.  Oh have to get elastic as there is none in my stash.

So now to clean up.


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