RR Sketch Book Project

i mailed off my first journal for this RR.  The theme was the Texture of Life.  This theme was somewhat baffling so I just went ahead with an idea of returning to crazy quilting where I love to use fabric and stitches to create texture to create a fantasy landscape with silks and various threads.  My inability to convey measurements to a project really nailed me it was smaller than the page.  So it was mounted on black felt and the surrounding page was re-painted.  Re painted because the book owner had painted a background on to all the pages and it needed a color change for my landscape.  

The next page is all about friends, sharing a bottle of wine and cats.  All vibrant textures in my life.  Well what really happened is I found this image, Bahama Mama, in my stash and it jumped out saying "use me, use me". It must have come off an old card.    So then I made a few changes to the original plan and was very pleased with the result 


  1. Oooooh, that's going to be lovely. I have been doing Moleskine RRs since last year and I am loving the process.


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