DEANIE & MONICA Project Day1

Once a month I meet with my friend Deanie at her studio in Boerne TX and we make stuff.    We have dyed, painted, ripped, burnt fabric and..... even completed the Tomes project.  We have done just about every surface design and embellishment that is now being published as the latest, new fad as well as some yet to be discovered.  Why? well for fun what else.  It's our take on the pursuit of happiness.

Yesterday we started a new project, VERY loosely, based on a book Fabric Embellishing, a very basic book with several authors.  We started by making a cover, a sandwich of cardboard between two layers of fabric. 
Deanie used her hand dyed silk velvet and I used felt, orange of course!
This is Deanie choosing her fabric.  Deanie is tall so her work table is high for me.

This is me cutting the felt.  The table was covered to protect the work surface from flying paint and glue.  Happily Deanie is NOT a neat nik.
Deanie found a beaded frog she had made long ago and burnt the  polyester backing away before attaching him to the background.  
Somehow this is cannot be turned upright

I never quite finished as the glue used was a gel and never dried but here is what I plan.
The heads where made my Virginia Robertson a zillion years ago at the IQF in Houston.  She was demonstrating how to make them and I asked to buy them.  Every woman standing around grabbed!  They were discovered sulking in a closet.  So now liberated they will live on the cover of this book.  
In Fabric Embellishing they use a nice method of tabs for the grommets.  Will show thats in the next installment of this crazy project.

now to finish book but first why did the adjustments of these photos disappear as saved!!!
Another computer mystery.


  1. Looks like you and Deanie are having lots of fun!!

  2. Thanks for this post - great friend! I am organizing a semi-monthly art night, sharing the space with another woman so not always at my house...starts in April!
    When I cannot get my picture to rotate properly I e-mail it to myself and then save it. Then for some mysterious reason it will go upright in my blog...might work for you! Lori from Sketchbook


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