Sketch Book RR Month 3

I have just completed the third month of Journal round robin where we complete two pages each month and mail them on.  Each has a different theme. 

This is Lisa's RR called "You Give me Wings".    This page was on a pop-up card by Robert Sabuda and I adapted it, the quote is from a song by Felix Mendelssohn.  A song I learnt as a child and one of those verse that sticks in the memory and you never can remember the whole thing. (Thank you Google).  So I hope that making this card  has liberated me of song madness. Pop-ups fascinate me .

Next  from a Dover book and an illustration by Willi Pogany who was a children's illustrator then moved on to Hollywood as a set designer.  The elitists thought his work deteriorated when he went west.  I love his illustrations but his Hollywood stuff is pure Hollywood garish, wonderful posters and sets (he worked on the Mummy)

This is from an illustration in the Children's Treasury of verses.  I painted the background and added the butterflies.  I originally intended doing some free motion stitched butterflies ad wire wrapped figures, then realized due to the way the book is bound it added too much bulk and would distort the Journal.  A fat book is one thing but I don't like  bulging. Also the pages of this journal are heavy water color paper so my whole visual image changed and  felt it needed to be paper dominated.  So major shuffle of design and approach.  The figures i designed to sit on machine embroidered butterflies were taken oven by the cat and never completed though one day they will be rescued and worked into a fabric design.   


  1. Monica
    Both of these pages are fabulous!--but the birds wow!

  2. These are wonderful. I can't wait to see them in person. And I'm next. Woohoo.

  3. The pop up birds are so beautiful. Great choice for the theme. the book looks glorious.

  4. Monica; Wow gorgeous pages! I love the birds and the butterflies!


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