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My new car

Out with the old in with the new.  Sunshine arrived in 1999 and just been a great car.  Just  like her owner her minor parts were beginning to break down.  
So good bye Sunshine

Hello NEW Sunshine 

modern art cuff

This cuff has taken me a long time to make due to fitting.

The top layer, the red a unit was a unit too wide. The checkered band was re-worked and made 21 rows long.  The sequins were removed from the black layer.

Here is the final result   It is from a pattern in the December 2009/January 2010 by Kate McKinnon (  She made the silver clasp.   One is a ball clasp although I really prefer the  ram clasp.  Kate is an accomplished silversmith and creates many contemporary designs. 
No why do my white backgrounds come out blue on my photos.!!!

modern art cuff

this cuff was for ever in the making as the size adaptations were difficult too big it fails off, too small, well that speaks for itself.

Ruth & Ron visit

Ruth & Ron visited on their way home to Missouri. We cooked fish on the grill and lots of grilled veggies.  For dessert I mad a smoothie with chocolate and almonds added to the liquefied berries, bananas, OJ and Yogurt.  We really miss Ruth.

Pizza on the Grill

We just bought a weber grill for the deck.  Chris had rescued the old grill many times and after we were given a Weber traveling grill we had to have a better one for the deck.  SO now we are grilling everything.   It's too hot in the summer to heat up the oven.  What a difference a good grill makes!
Hows this for a grill master?
preparing the toppings.  I make the pizza in the processor and then just roll out.  We used foil on the bottom to get it on and off easily.
It is flipped over topped and back to foil and grilled at400 degrees for 4 minutes.

YUMMY! Just add the perfect wine.  Better than home delivery and much cheaper.

Pillowslip Dresses for Ella

Finally can download to Paint Shop Pro without Canon doing battle to post the photos.  I felt very brave deleting all the Canon utilities.  So here are the photos of the latest creations for Ella.  

I discovered Pillow Slip Dresses online.  Quite easy when the penny drops.  Basically it is a rectangle with armholes, a casing front and back and then ribbon pulled through.

I think it need smaller ribbons! All the pictures I checked showed the dangling ribbons so I will leave and let laura cut them or change them.  The fabric is Tutti Frutti from Hancocks.  It is cotton/Poly and washes easily.  I bought a lot more at the Joann's sale where it was 60% off.