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Wabi Sabi RR Sketch Book Project

The theme chosen by Bea for her book is Wabi-Sabi and she gave no clues to how she interpreted it.  Wabi Sabi is not a term many of us our familiar with so off I  go, Googling.  Is it a Japanese restaurant?  Globally, it appears to be a  popular name for chic restaurants though one in Australia was my favorite especially these posters from their bathroom.   
Google has all kinds of entries beyond the restaurants for using or abusing this name. How did we manage without Google?  I also found a store, in Taos NM, sportting the name and selling things Japanese.  This is how I look after hours of tramping around Taos when the temperature is in the high nineties.  

The popular esoteric description of the term "wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and understanding nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. It's simple, slow, and uncluttered-and it reveres authenticity above all. This is the description favored by contemporary tea c…

New Mexico Travel Journal 2010

Santa Fe is my favorite US city to visit, round that off with a trip to Taos and I am in heaven.  Bliss.  Despite several visits i have never made a journal Usually my journals are created by gluing all the collected torn out images from free travel guides and assorted finds accumulated throughout the trip as well as a few photos to card stock loose pages.  Then a cover is made from covering book board or Peltex.  This trip I folded card stock in half, each was then a sort of signature.  It makes a slightly different book. This time I made the cover from paper cloth  after a visit to Freida Oxenham's blog (

This is the cover made of paper cloth.

Cover is fabric from my stash. and first page is glued maps and photo from travel brochure.  It really is how I see the road from the RV (when not beading!)

I painted the background on watercolor paper and added the images of sculptures found in Santa Fe.  I can always imagine early settlers walking across t…

Fiber paper

For a long time i have dabbled  with making fiber paper and was never pleased with the results.  Visiting Frieda Oxenham's blog I saw she made fiber paper for many of her projects and reading back through her blogs saw she used a slightly different technique.  I thought the difference was she used watered down white glue rather than a Gel Medium.  So i tried it
i stamped a piece of muslin soaked it with the water glue mix then added torn pieces of New Mexico , covered it with torn lime white tissue and torn napkin.  then splashed some fabric paint around as I have lots of the translucent variety.  Since the temperature was around 95 outside and 80 in my fingers were drying and pulling up the tissue.  No time to ponder just get it done.  Unlike Frieda's, she lives in cold Scotland, it was dry in 40 minutes and really dry after 20 minutes in the sun.  The photo is after it dried and I had stitched Peltex on the back.

Here is the second one. Rather than stamping the muslin I stenci…

Bracelet in yellow

This is another Kate Mckinnon art cuff.  I added the vintage Bakelite buttons as I had no sequins I liked.  There is no way the bracelet will twist upside down as it is a tight fit.

Santa Fe & Taos trip

We left mid June for a week in New Mexico stopping en route at Sumner Lake
It is really a reservoir and  the water was much higher than on our last trip.  It is eastern NM where a high winds whip across the plateau and little but scrub grows.  It defies the imagination to think that the early inhabitants had to walk here.  The note on the ranger office said that this area was always tough and ancient people never stayed very long. 

This is the farmers market in Santa Fe on the railroad tracks.  They have renovated it.  It remains a great farmers market despite this though it seemed far more restrained than in the past where women were singing and dancing everywhere.
 On Saturdays they hold an artists' fair at the market in an area designed just for them.  I liked the landscape and the whole concept as it was very contemporary and few places can pull contemporary off.  Off course this is railroad property and they have deep pockets.

Our first stop in Santa Fe after setting up the RV wa…