New Mexico Travel Journal 2010

Santa Fe is my favorite US city to visit, round that off with a trip to Taos and I am in heaven.  Bliss.  Despite several visits i have never made a journal Usually my journals are created by gluing all the collected torn out images from free travel guides and assorted finds accumulated throughout the trip as well as a few photos to card stock loose pages.  Then a cover is made from covering book board or Peltex.  This trip I folded card stock in half, each was then a sort of signature.  It makes a slightly different book. This time I made the cover from paper cloth  after a visit to Freida Oxenham's blog (

This is the cover made of paper cloth.

Cover is fabric from my stash. and first page is glued maps and photo from travel brochure.  It really is how I see the road from the RV (when not beading!)

I painted the background on watercolor paper and added the images of sculptures found in Santa Fe.  I can always imagine early settlers walking across this vast space that i move so rapidly with my traveling home around me.   It is an endless stretch of shrub and rocks so hard to remember that for centuries travelers walked, no one settled for long as the elements never ease up.

Sumner Lake, a reservoire is now i recreation area.  HOT! DRY! On to Santa Fe founded 400 years ago my settlers who walked there.

My favorite farmers market.  It is now tarted up and very elegant in the rail road terminal area.  It is now surrounded by trendy art galleries and stores. We had breakfast there, yummy pastries and returned with produce to drool over.

Santa Fe is a foodies paradise, a mecca for eating and drinking.  the cuisine page is torn from travel guides.  i plan to experiment with some of the fabric paper techniques next time.

It was the weekend of a fiber arts show at El Rancho De Las Golondinas I saved all the information i collected within this hand dyed wool. 

Other ways to hold information and this is the art information I collected.

Canyon Road art information.  I also collect business cards so i can return.  beadwork was a fantastic bead and gift shop.  Norma Sharon made wearable art.

Off to Taos, weaving art, more art and food.

Ok that's not Chris playing golf he dropped me at Ledoux Street.  Then off to a few of my favorite places.  If you look very closely at the photo of me (well not at me0 the sign above was a reminder of my coming Sketchbook RR project Wabi Sabi.

A silk scrap makes a super pocket to hold more gathered information.  Not sure where this fabric came from, the date on it is 1993!
Each of the folded card stock 'signatures" was sewn into the cover.  This is a harder way to make a journal. Rings make it so much easier to add stuff to pages and even to add pages.  

I am now fired up for our next trip and my journal.


  1. Great travel journal Monica!! If you can imagine, my mother traveled with her father and sister from Wichita, Kansas, by car to Santa Fe and Taos in about 1923. What a trip that must have been!!


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