Santa Fe & Taos trip

We left mid June for a week in New Mexico stopping en route at Sumner Lake
It is really a reservoir and  the water was much higher than on our last trip.  It is eastern NM where a high winds whip across the plateau and little but scrub grows.  It defies the imagination to think that the early inhabitants had to walk here.  The note on the ranger office said that this area was always tough and ancient people never stayed very long. 

This is the farmers market in Santa Fe on the railroad tracks.  They have renovated it.  It remains a great farmers market despite this though it seemed far more restrained than in the past where women were singing and dancing everywhere.
 On Saturdays they hold an artists' fair at the market in an area designed just for them.  I liked the landscape and the whole concept as it was very contemporary and few places can pull contemporary off.  Off course this is railroad property and they have deep pockets.

Our first stop in Santa Fe after setting up the RV was the bar at Ortiz on the plaza for a margarita then off to eat in Burros Alley at the Paris Bakery.  The wine, heat and altitude combined after this to wipe me out.  We attended an Art To Wear show at El Rancho De Las Golondrinas a living ranch set up like it was 400 years ago.  The docents were quite incredible.  I loved the Colcha embroideries and the way they displayed the weavings. Regrettably we forgot the camera. On Saturday night we wined and dined at Amavi, haute cuisine gets no better.  Women chef and a woman pastry chef.  All the food is fresh and local, even the cheese plate.

Two days later we headed to Taos.  At 8,000 ft is was cool at night and 95 in the day, unusual but it was a nationwide heatwave.  Together Chris and I visited the Blumenstein home and museum.  He and a mate were the artists that turned this place into an art colony in the 1900s.  Like Santa Fe, it is probably too expensive for most artists today as it is a very chi chi place. Chris golfed in the morning leaving me free to explore the boutiques and galleries.  This included a trip to Artemesia, a favorite art to wear shop, Uncommon Threads where they sell exquisite fabrics at a good price and a card shop that has The best cards.  In all of these shops the staff where charming and genuinely FRIENDLY just as they were in Santa Fe. 

The Blumenstein home.  The daughter put most of this together before she died.  She was an amazing woman.  I thought her mother a far superior painter than the father.  

 The Indian Market in Santa Fe where we returned to celebrate Chris's birthday.

We decided to have lunch at the Coyote Cafe tavern.  The food was incredible and the accolades are well deserved.  I have never tasted such wonderful SW cuisine before.  I also found at 137 Water St another wonderful Art to Wear shop, just opposite the Cafe.  The python jackets were to die for, unfortunately not in my budget. It was called Norma Sharon. And I did find Beadweaver at 503 Old Santa Fe trail.  They sold extraordinary beads and beadwork.   Again the women in the store were so kind and helpful.  Wish they were here in Kerrville!!!

I managed to return home with a sinus infection.  And the computer began to have problems turned out to be  line problems, fixed with a new wire and a man up the pole.


  1. Wish I could go to Santa Fe and Taos! Looks like a great trip!!

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful trip!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment.


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