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Breast Cancer is not easy

When i was diagnosed with breast cancer the second time one of the labels was estrogen positive. i was told this the first time but in 1997 it was not fully understood. So I refused tamoxifen as the % were not worth taking a drug for 5 years when there was really no reason to believe cancer would return. HOW NAIVE!! After all a lumpectomy and radiations was sure to fix this tiny ominous presence.

For the past the past 3 years and nine months I have taken a cancer drug, Arimidex ,that prevents estrogen from entering cells in my body. It is to prevent my breast cancer cells from feeding. Their feast of choice is estrogen. The result is that some of the benefits of estrogen are prevented from action. estrogen is a natural hormone that in women produces many beneficial actions beyond it's sexual function. As women age it begins to reduce this is menopause. Some women slit into this life stage without trauma. Many do not. Over time its lack is responsible for aging effect seen in w…

Trees gone wild & wackey

I am so impressed with myself i finally found how to edit images on Picasa and then blog it. I am trying to switch from PSP13. This masterpiece or should it be mistress piece has a fabric paper background using colored tissue paper. The dye tends to run onto the fabric. I then added my trees gone wild. This is for the techniques book that Deane and I work on once a month; that is the plan but we frequently are diverted. Last month we made batik. I threw mine away and will never do that again. I think Deane said it was the wrong kind of wax.


Deanie and I try to meet once a month for an art day.  We started to work through an embellishment book.  We are frequently side tracked.  As a weaver Deanie love sheep and makes wonderful creations with her version of them.  So when in Santa Fe Chris and I attended an Art fair called Dances with Wools. I loved their poster and recreated it, well not quite.  Here it is.  She will only see it in September.  It is a surprise.

I like it. The piece of weaving at their feet is a scrap from some of Deanies weaving.  the backgrounds paper fabric,stamped painted and the quilt above their heads is  a photo I changed up.