Breast Cancer is not easy

When i was diagnosed with breast cancer the second time one of the labels was estrogen positive. i was told this the first time but in 1997 it was not fully understood. So I refused tamoxifen as the % were not worth taking a drug for 5 years when there was really no reason to believe cancer would return. HOW NAIVE!! After all a lumpectomy and radiations was sure to fix this tiny ominous presence.

For the past the past 3 years and nine months I have taken a cancer drug, Arimidex ,that prevents estrogen from entering cells in my body. It is to prevent my breast cancer cells from feeding. Their feast of choice is estrogen. The result is that some of the benefits of estrogen are prevented from action. estrogen is a natural hormone that in women produces many beneficial actions beyond it's sexual function. As women age it begins to reduce this is menopause. Some women slit into this life stage without trauma. Many do not. Over time its lack is responsible for aging effect seen in women. What i am on about is that for we who take Arimidex often suffer some pretty nasty effects. For me it has been 3 years and 9 months of gradually increasing hell. Bone and joint pains followed leg cramps and so on. I made this little page for my techniques fiber art book  after a particularly bad week. It sort of helped.  The figure is shrink stuff.  i drew and cut out then heated it and it shrank to this size.  The background is painted batting.
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  1. Monica--I'm sad to say that i have all of these complaints and I don't take that medication. Getting old is not for sissies!! (not discounting at all your situation--but you are not alone!!)


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