Bristol MSW

Bristol MSW is billed as the "Fastest half-mile in the world" Looking down from the Stadium  is like looking down onto a toy track as we were able to see the whole track.  The lead cars catch up with the slow ones.  It holds 160,000 people. This is the first year they were not sold out in their 30 year history.  Our seats were opposite the pits were you can see them change tires and fill up cars a a great speed.

Looking down for our seats at the truck race.  The pole winner was sent to the back of the line up because his crew altered the car after the qualifying race.  The driver is Kyle Busch, the crowd always boos him.  Chris said watch him, by lap 20 he will be up front and he was.  Then he went on to win the next 2 races and has continued since then.  They really boo him because he drives a Toyota and worked his way up through childhood without benefit of rich relative who owns a team.  I decided he is the man to follow.  it has been fun as he goes on winning.  The overall NASCAR winner will be Jeff Gordon, can't stand him and he has not won a race all season, just winning on points.  it's like awarding a job to the person in the company the longest, even if their performance is not stellar.  Another male invention.  Oh kyle Busch's sponsor, well one of them is M&Ms.  So I am now back to buying them especially as they have a dark chocolate variety.  They go well with JD

For the days of races the area round the stadium is full of activities by the sponsors.  Regretfully, I only found Jack Daniels open one time and they only sold their whiskey by the shot.  ( It beats NSIADs for hip pain).  They had sold out of barbecue chips made from their barrels. Now doesn't that sound like a culinary delight for grilling.

So here we are before the final race.

This was on of the many attractions in the Speed TV tent . By signing up for their email you could have this photo taken.  There were many other sponsor tents. I was excited to find Crayola was a major sponsor, regretfully they were only open just before the race started and a couple of other times.  They must be a reluctant sponsor.  They gave you a sheet on shiny card stock on which to write a slogan and hold up at the race.  They were so inept and the guy gave me only one crayon plus it was in full sun, no shade covers.  I plan to use the card-stock to try out some techniques and my SHARPIE poster pens.


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