The road to Bristol TN

I intended to start my blog of the trip when i arrived home alas my plans were thwarted by a broken AC and it was a week before the fan replacement was installed and it cool enough to sit at the computer.
Day 1 was a drive east to Clinton AK in 104F weather.  We stayed in the County Fairground, the scene of  the aftermath of a 3 day watermelon festival.   

Day 2 was cooler and we arrived in Tarbark RV park in the TN hills.  It appeared miles from anywhere and just gorgeous country.  Emma, who manages the park had designed and set up a network, here I intended to start my blog!!!! Instead i emptied boiling fat over my left hand.  Emma and Nathan told us of an emergency room at the next exit and just to the right on the highway past Walgrens.  The next exit, Dickson, was 10 miles away and we finally arrived at the Horizon Medical Center with my left paw in a jug of cold water.  Immediate, efficient and friendly care followed.  Dr. Fatsea, a transplant from Boston, fixed me up and a few hours later, no pain and my paw healed exactly as he and the nurse predicted.  The medical Center was all computerized.  
Tarbark RV park high in the TN hills.  Very friendly and the park is a perfect over night stop.



  1. Monica!--your hand was completely bandaged up! OMG


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