I am in an inspiration card swap with the Sketchbook Project, a Yahoo group and due to some challenges in my life fell behind.
here are some of my contributions.  A list of "prompts" was used as inspiration.  This is not my kind of inspiration as I am more visual than verbal when it come to inspiration.  They are all about 4X 6inches  (everything is "about" when one is measurement challenged).  They were all put in envelopes not just mailed.  Most of mine are sent in clear envelopes, many of the folks i swapped with made envelopes out of calendar pages, catalogs and newspapers. Very interesting.

The prompt for this is "a rare pair of shoes both stylish and comfortable".  I chose this as I liked the idea of doing shoes.  I made computer cards for the other side.  They have addresses on them and decided it's not good to publish addresses for strangers to see.

These are called "music that makes you move your body". I just love Zumba, well the sort modified for us old girls and it was what ultimately led to my hip problem.  For nine months I thought it was a pulled ligament!  Zumba music is a compilation of salsa, mambo, tango and hip hop.  That is the goal after surgery to get back to ZUMBA!
 "surprising yourself with spontaneous wildness"   quilted velvet background, silver body part charms, button head, leaves flowers, vintage trim. 

No prompt needed for this one.  I was inspired by a swap Lorena created for "My Imaginary Vacation."  She just wanted chocolates and Johnny Depp.   So I made her more chocolates. (I have no idea why the fonts changed size a blogger mystery).  It is a pop up box based on a design by a Japanese paper artist for Canon photos.  it folds down into a card.


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