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Hip Hip hurrah

After 9 months of increasing pain I finally had hip replacement surgery October 13. I blamed the pain on a ligament and the Arimidex, my cancer drug.  Finally with my GP leaving his practice I went to the orthopedic surgeon.  Hip replacement.  "NO NO not me, I'm a fitness freak this only happens to overweight people!!!!"  I then tried cortisone injections so that I could go on my vacation: it was a pain filled trip.  Returning from vacation I immediately set up the surgery.  

All comfy and recovering at Syd Peterson.
My oncologist Rebecca Barrington stopped the Arimidex after 4 years and new information, a week before surgery.  Wow!  I am me again.  Surgery went fine but the pain killing drug spun me into the world of hallucinations.  Morphine ones were cute green, sparkly butterflies as well as smiling golden worms.  The Hydrocodone were the sixties psychedelic scene and Tramadol was scary psychedelic backgrounds with leaping cats and dark shadows.  So I dropped the pain …