Another Christmas is over

 Before surgery i set up our only chair with arms and a little higher than the others for me to sit in.  While hospitalized it was taken oven by The KING, Spunky.  He needs shaking off it for me to sit down.  He does let me have it for my coffee every morning.  but expects me to drink that second cup quickly.

On to Christmas dinner

We started with a fine white  Navarro 2009, Pinot Gris.  Here I am with the Cab Sav 2005 also a Navarro.  Smooth and superb taste. 

After the fine rib steaks we moved to the Christmas Pudding.  Of this course I have no memory.

The sauce was liberally laced with brandy, Remy Martin.

Before teaten the brandy was poured over the pudding and set alight.  You will not see the flame as apparently I was madly searching for the camera.

Ah, ha the mince pies.  the glowing eyes in the background are from tripper who was not a participant in the feast, and moved in to claim his couch seat, disappointed there was no ice cream.


  1. This is hilarious!! You have an impressive list of alcoholic accompaniment to your feast. I'm an iffy cook, so I will take notes from you and make sure my alcohol is well-stocked in the future. :-)

  2. Love your photos Monica! Fun to see Spunky and Tripper and of course, you can Chris!!


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