New Mexico Travel Journal

 Santa Fe is my favorite city in the US.  It is old,  quaint and also a friendly city. It appears to be a favorite place for older women enjoying life.   It came as a surprise that i had never made a journal of our trips their.  The last visit was just before my mastectomy and this visit was for celebrating life. 


My travel books consist of pages from gathered travel catalogs and moments glued onto pages then assembled into a book.  This is a little different.  I started with folded sheets of card stock dividing the trip into the route to Santa Fe, Santa Fe and Taos.

The cover (above)is made from my fabric paper sewn to Peltex and cotton fabric.  We head west on back roads.  The land scape is desolate and the marker at the Fort Sumner State Park told how millions of years ago ancient people scraped a living from the semi barren earth before moving on.  Nothing has changed, spirit of those ancient people remains, the wind blows, the dust swirls and the sun beats down.  

Above is  the inside, fabric covered and our trail on the opposite side.
 Thats the reservoir at Ft Sumner

 Santa Fe has one of the best Farmers Markets in the country even though they tarted it up with a grand building and park like setting. (The land is owned by the railroad). They managed to hire designers who had vision.  There is an art and craft section in the park that is quite unique.

The food is a major attraction in Santa Fe.  Top chefs have expanded the local cuisine and the Coyote Cafe had the best chips and salsa ever eaten, washed down with an excellent 'rita as well as over the top entrées.  We ate at Amavi for our wedding anni, (the number eludes me!).  it was a delightful setting on a side street and we sat out.

 The galleries of Santa Fe cover the range of all art.  My favorite is the Jane Sauer gallery, as it carries fiber art and some very different art that exemplifies craftsmanship and skill.  

We managed to visit The Golondrinas Ranch museum.  The last stop before SF for early travelers.  The volunteers, mostly women, are sort of in costume and very knowledgeable.  There was a fiber show mostly weaving and colcha embroidery.  Experimented with ways to store information, from lacing, weaving, and pockets.

 This is how all the travel information is stored so I can find it next time we visit.

North of Santa Fe is Taos, a center for skiing and trendy artists.  Artemisia is a superb art to wear boutique, outta my price range!!!

  Ledoux street has many shops and galleries plus two museums.


  1. Dear Monica, Happy holidays! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Hi monica
    sounds lovely. I'd love to go there one day!

  3. Thanks so much for adding all these beautiful photos, Monica. What an amazing book you've created. I loved seeing it.

  4. This book is so cool!,xmas dinner looks great too!


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