Sacred Feminine Janet RR

In 2010, I participated in a Round Robin swap of art journals with the Sketchbook Project, a Yahoo Group. Every month  a journal arrived and and  two pages created for the theme selected by the books owner.  My favorite was Janet's.  I never showed my photos of it as I wanted it to be a surprise.  I suspected the lack of reverence, deep thought and introspection  was  disappointing. It was fun!
When we were in Tuscon the theme and what to design occupied my  mind .  When we were driving around the University area I was completely blown away by the football Stadium.  It dominated the area, had to have cost millions to build and dwarfed the academic buildings.  It struck me that here was todays temple and sports the god.  So this was my inspiration for Ballz Goddess of Sport
the cover made from a crumpled painted  brown paper bag  covered with gel medium

This Ballz on a background of painted torn tissue paper that was coated with high gloss gel medium.  The balls from various sports are buttons and stickers.
here are photos of other stadiums.  It does not appear to bother anyone that even in third world countries vast sums of money are poured into these temples to soccer, Rugby, athletics etc. 

Women seem to take on endless work and tasks.  So now we have Hyper Goddess of Multitasking.  ipods, ipads and computers have only added to the list from gardening, cooking,sewing, working out, working at home and at work.

This was my offering bag for all and any goddess to accept donations in return for help!

I really had fun and enjoyed this theme.  Once I had an idea it was hard to stop.


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