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My New Hip

The orthopedist gave me a photo of my hip.  Don't you love the zipper.  it's a shortcut to reach in and fix anything that goes wrong.

(it is my jeans they don't have you strip off.)   My femur had a fracture as I have horrible bones. So they gave me a metal plate and wire wrapped it.

He gave me some details of the surgery but it gives me the creeps to hear about all that activity going on in my body.  I am just happy with the results.  No pain.

Week 4 Strathmore workshop1

Here is week 1 and week 4 of two journal pages I created during the Pam Carikker workshop 1 of the Strathmore series.  I created two collaged pages using the same material except one was ptinted in full color and the second in Black and white (greyscale)

Above is week 1 where i printed in color
Below is week 4  after the piece has been painted over and over with a variety of pens, pencils crayons and mediums.

Here is the black and white page  week 1 and below week 4.  The whole idea is to make the collage and page blend in.  Less a gluebook look and more painterly.

More milliande

I was very interested in how she made this

This was great fun to make and essentially followed the Strahtmore  worshop
this is finding stuff in lines 

This was just a quick watercolor and charcoal drawing

Sketchbook Challenge 1 Highly Prized

The Sketchbook Challenge is a heaven sent opportunity for inspiration to push me to produce.  I am more a craft person and certainly not an artist.  So it is rather presumptive of me to participate.  In fact when the first Theme was presented for the month of January, I was totally intimidated. Jill Berry set a high standard.  As the entries rolled in and a discussion emerged in my the Yahoo Sketchbook Project group it became clear that sketching has many meaning so here is my entry.

So Highly Prized is the 2007 Navarro Zinfandel that wine aficionadas go to extraordinary lengths to enjoy the bright zesty aroma of raspberry jam, hints of spice and superb handling tannins

In an effort to get on track and learn some techniques for journaling I had watched all of Teesha Moores' videos and then created some pages, though not truly understanding what it was all about.  it was a blast so who needed to know why?  Then came the challenge and wow this page was made for the craziness of the wi…

Milliande 7,8

Above is Day 8 Vertical Lines.  I cut strips from a magazine and glued to the prepared background.  The background was crumpled paper stamped over with Distressed ink, sprayed with Eucalyptus Walnut ink. Then Gesso was spread thinly with a credit card.  I then journaled vertically.

this is Day 9 "Layered Linear".  Again crumpled paper covered with orange and scarlet pigment.  Then  glued strips of fabric, the circles are recycled  from Day 6 The triangles are painted Lutrador and at the bottom on the right lower edge is painted heated tyvek.  Then the whole was covered with a striped poly chiffon that was fused  with the soldering gun and glued to base.  Sequins were sewed to this.
So I was unable to stay away from fabric.  The thought of layer conjures up  fabrics .

Milliande Day4,5,6,7

It is a daily challenge to keep a daily visual journal.  My goal is to work on paper and apply new techniques as well as improve my skills without hours of design and creating and switching to fabric and sewing.  Posting photos is a time consuming pain as this computer is on its last legs.  The newly ordered computer will arrive in 10 days and hopefully with improved memory and speed these tasks will go from onerous to routine.

 So we go,  Day 4.  Tore up strips of paper, glued to page, coated page with Caron D'arche Neocolors; drew face cut it out, glued to background and played with  more paints, crayon and pens.  
This was the start of my epiphany in terms of what and why  I am doing this  daily journal entry, it is not a chore rather an opportunity for discovery.  

Day 5s theme was a zebra hand and not very inspiring so I just played.  Another run in with Blogger photo down loads!

Day 6 even Milliande was tired with the zebra theme and went to a Millipede with striped socks.  It …

Milliande Days 4,5,6,7

it finally hit me that there was a problem with the time i was spending on these pages.  Since each day she posts a video showing her making each page and prompt(?)  and this is a nudge for me to use her theme than the whole;e process needs to be done in a day.   It is not something that requires hours.  There is no explanation of how so to use use her visual prompts as a kick to get on with it.  Therefore enjoying it became my mantra.  Since my concept or should we say how I use a sketchbook is a combination of ideas, doodle samples, sketches etc and before I got onto the paper kick my medium was fabric where  a blank page was NEVER a challenge One just spent hours with fabrics.  So here is the start of this new "modus operandi".


This year in an attempt to improve my travel journals and  create rather than waste time surfing the net I joined in 3 art challenges.  They are 
the Sketchbook Challenge  this is organized by Sue Bleisweiss.  Since I made  a journal  after viewing a video by Teesha Moore on her collage techniques I decided I would use my backgrounds for the journal.  So later this week I will start to add the theme for this month HIGHLY PRIZED
The next challenge is a daily theme on Milliande  It appears that it is more a daily technique based on the word zebra.
Here are my rendition of Day 2 & 3.  

Today she made rubber stamps.  I made a stamp with a potato.  Since it was a dinner potato it was too wet.
 i called it "Where's the chips?  you know French Fries!  Now to find some others for dinner.

At the end of 30 days of zebras I may become a little spacey.

Finally signed up for three months of Str…