This year in an attempt to improve my travel journals and  create rather than waste time surfing the net I joined in 3 art challenges.  They are 
the Sketchbook Challenge  this is organized by Sue Bleisweiss.  Since I made  a journal  after viewing a video by Teesha Moore on her collage techniques I decided I would use my backgrounds for the journal.  So later this week I will start to add the theme for this month HIGHLY PRIZED
The next challenge is a daily theme on Milliande  It appears that it is more a daily technique based on the word zebra.
Here are my rendition of Day 2 & 3.  

Today she made rubber stamps.  I made a stamp with a potato.  Since it was a dinner potato it was too wet.
 i called it "Where's the chips?  you know French Fries!  Now to find some others for dinner.

At the end of 30 days of zebras I may become a little spacey.

Finally signed up for three months of Strathmore workshops.  The first is with Pamela Carricker.  Her style is similar to Teesha Moore.  Created a workshop 1 background making one in color and one in gray scale.  The journal is 5.5X 8 so it is quite small.  I thought it the perfect size for waiting rooms.


  1. Monica-I like the "where's the zebra piece--and combining two days--very smart of you. Didn't want to eat that inky potatoe?

  2. Looking forward to seeing your journals.
    I love the pix of you on our side bar.
    You love life!

  3. Not following the zebra prompts but joined the community... great people there... yourself included.

    shadohart (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Having a lot of fun doing this with you!
    Great work on all!


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