Milliande 7,8

 Above is Day 8 Vertical Lines.  I cut strips from a magazine and glued to the prepared background.  The background was crumpled paper stamped over with Distressed ink, sprayed with Eucalyptus Walnut ink. Then Gesso was spread thinly with a credit card.  I then journaled vertically.

this is Day 9 "Layered Linear".  Again crumpled paper covered with orange and scarlet pigment.  Then  glued strips of fabric, the circles are recycled  from Day 6 The triangles are painted Lutrador and at the bottom on the right lower edge is painted heated tyvek.  Then the whole was covered with a striped poly chiffon that was fused  with the soldering gun and glued to base.  Sequins were sewed to this.
So I was unable to stay away from fabric.  The thought of layer conjures up  fabrics .


  1. Wow-look at you Monica--nice variations on Milliandes pages!!

  2. I am SO supposed to be doing something else. I love your dailies! Lori from Sketchbook

  3. I LOVE what you're doing with these Milliande pages - they are such fun and very inspiring.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment, it was lovely to see you'd visited.



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