Milliande Day4,5,6,7

It is a daily challenge to keep a daily visual journal.  My goal is to work on paper and apply new techniques as well as improve my skills without hours of design and creating and switching to fabric and sewing.  Posting photos is a time consuming pain as this computer is on its last legs.  The newly ordered computer will arrive in 10 days and hopefully with improved memory and speed these tasks will go from onerous to routine.

 So we go,  Day 4.  Tore up strips of paper, glued to page, coated page with Caron D'arche Neocolors; drew face cut it out, glued to background and played with  more paints, crayon and pens.  
 This was the start of my epiphany in terms of what and why  I am doing this  daily journal entry, it is not a chore rather an opportunity for discovery.  

Day 5s theme was a zebra hand and not very inspiring so I just played.  Another run in with Blogger photo down loads!

Day 6 even Milliande was tired with the zebra theme and went to a Millipede with striped socks.  It just so happens that my wardrobe contains a pair of orange and yellow striped socks.  Chris photographed my stockinged legs then and with the aid of Print Master, a background of torn, glued and painted paper scraps this "primitive" art emerged.    GAD  she has great legs!!!!!!!

 Day 7 was stripy window.  So, from a sketch in an old sketch pad I re-created this with  Neocolors (Christmas gift from Chris), and black pens the view from my window.   


  1. Nice Millipede and stripy hand Monica. I skipped those two prompts. I did the next two and am considering the one from today.

  2. Well done! I wont get to todays because I am taking the old girl shopping!


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