Sketchbook Challenge 1 Highly Prized

The Sketchbook Challenge is a heaven sent opportunity for inspiration to push me to produce.  I am more a craft person and certainly not an artist.  So it is rather presumptive of me to participate.  In fact when the first Theme was presented for the month of January, I was totally intimidated. Jill Berry set a high standard.  As the entries rolled in and a discussion emerged in my the Yahoo Sketchbook Project group it became clear that sketching has many meaning so here is my entry.

So Highly Prized is the 2007 Navarro Zinfandel that wine aficionadas go to extraordinary lengths to enjoy the bright zesty aroma of raspberry jam, hints of spice and superb handling tannins  

In an effort to get on track and learn some techniques for journaling I had watched all of Teesha Moores' videos and then created some pages, though not truly understanding what it was all about.  it was a blast so who needed to know why?  Then came the challenge and wow this page was made for the craziness of the wine world where unbelievable prose pours (no pun intended) from the pens of tasters. 


  1. FABULOUS!! the perfect page for you!!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! I don't know what Teesha posted, but you interpreted it in a very creative way.

  3. stunning !! love how you did this one


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