Sunday, February 6, 2011

An organized mess

In our home we both have   our own room.  Chris also has a huge space under the house he created after our first winter here when we discovered that a floating house might look incredible but it is COLD in winter.  

My Studio is organized but messy.  I have a ladder to get up to these shelves.  The baskets contain fabric   labeled color wise and the lower shelves contain the color I use frequently.  The highest shelf has dolls and dust.

"The Only Place I Have to Sleep now she is into this journaling stuff" says Spunky
 This is Spunky on the window seat; he  has just decided this is his spot since I keep sitting in the chair with the big pink cushion.  Under the window seat is more storage.  Since surgery i was unable to bend down and get in there.  file draw contains ides and inspiration folders along with class materials. Oh the basket on the windowsill is useless programs and DVDs, for disposal.  the window faces north.

 below is the west wall and  the cutting table.  Cutting mat covered with red plastic so i can slosh paint and goop around.  Not shown are  the storage bins for non cotton fabrics The box on the back wall holds patterns  and the rest is art papers and the like.  This area is going to be redone

Above my paint goes in these drawers.

that is my pressing board.  I really should get rid of it.  soldering iron, magnifying light, it is absolutely fabulous
below the east wall, has desk and a book case, frames and a la,dder.

This is the south wall and hallway

I consider an ironing board to be multifunctional.

the red crate is full of stamps and goes in one of the draws on top of ink pads.  it is resting on the garbage can, the one for paper.  Chris is a recycler and I received instructions this week on how i am to use my garbage cans.

 And this folks is my happy room.