Sewing with a friend

My friend Kay wanted to make a dress.  She has not sewn in many years and so i offered to help her.  The catch was she had to come to my house and use my machine and learn to cut with a rota cutter.  She settled on a skirt pattern from Simplicity that was for beginners with excellent print instructions   We are almost finished.  It was so much fun and a wonderful chance for me to review how it should be done, especially that zipper.  I always use elastic for the waist.  Kay happens to fit the pattern perfectly so no alterations.  Here it is with just the hem to be finished.


  1. Monica--who is that little dog???

  2. Well done, you two! I bet you both had lots of fun.

    Cute dog in the photo:0)


  3. The photo was taken at Kay's home and that is Peggy Sue a rat dog. Kay has quite a menagerie.

  4. I like the fabric on that skirt. Very nice. A rat dog -- yes. There's another name for them too, but it escapes me at this moment.

  5. spending time crafting with friends is just the best!!! cute skirt!

  6. Want to come to my house? I'm warding off the temptation to buy a better sewing machine, this is not helping. Lori from sketchbook


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