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Why is Margie ignored?

Margie Samuels is the wife of the founder of Maker's Mark Bourbon,  possibly the finest bourbon ever created. In the house, at the start of the distillery are several sketchbooks showing how she designed every step in the building of this distillery and the creation of the bourbon, in 1953.  

here are two of her sketches from just 2 of the sketch books scattered around the house.

  Above the sketch shows her design for the bottle and the color of the wax.  Throughout this book she details everything from seal to label to colors.
this was the design for the distillery.  Pages and pages of every detail.

This is the kitchen where she tried out bread recipes as she figured out she could find the best combinations of grains by making them into bread before they experimented with them in the bourbon.  Only in her books was it possible to find her contribution. It was if we are back in the dark ages where women were decorative pieces who were not to be taken seriously.  Why  was she not ackn…

Maker's Mark, the FINEST of Bourbons

We traveled directly south from Indiana in the hopes of evading the lines of thunderstorms moving east. It rained all night. We stayed at Grandma's RV just south of ST Louis.  It rained all the way south and through the night.  Little did we know it was to be the last TV connection we would have for several days.  We headed to Bardstown, KY and the Maker's Mark distillery.

 This is the site of the original property.   It is well maintained and the whole property is just gorgeous.  tours are free.

this is not the site of last night's revelry!  

This is the start of the tour, a replica of the original, home of the Samuels in 1950    Their colors are red and black.
 The fermenting   the vats
 All about barrels.

 At the end of the tour you get to taste two of their bourbons. It is almost like a cognac so smooth  Liquid GOLD Then if you purchase a bottle you get to dip it in the sealing wax.
Here they are cooling down.
This is a a worthwhile stop on the travels.  it even quit raining …

Frozen North

April 20th we flew to Elkhart, IN, the frozen north, it was 37 degrees there and raining. Chris in San Antonio airport.   
We missed the connecting flight as we stopped in for a quick lunch.  So we had a 5 hour wait. We started with the bar.

then to a very nice restaurant specializing in seafood.
Fortified to face the flight.
The Inn at St Mary's, South Bend .   The hotel limo was broken so we had to take a cab.  It smelt like someone died in it.
 breakfast was provided and we watched all the developing storms that were coming our way.
 The first glimpse of our new RV, at 27ft it is way smaller than the last one. Now y'all come in.

Amanda explains how it all works  On the road to Shipshewana, an Amish town. 
We ate at this restaurant.  It was good very plain food, just like we had in England.  the pies were yummy.  Regrettably the next morning we needed to return to the factory and it was pouring with rain so no super breakfast.
We headed south and spent the night in KY and then visited M…

Royal Bash, the best of British Shindigs

Planning to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to watch the RW.  After all this is one of the dumbest things a retiree  can do.  Well not quite considering the last few days of Meyer Lemon Cheesecake, baking, stir fry and pizza making, dispersed with finishing artsy stuff my feeble mind decided to create a wedding dress for Kate or rather princess paper doll Kate.   the usual angst of color and fabric came down to what is in my stash and some good glue.  So she settled for cream satin, quite disgusted with the gel medium and not happy that the gems are topaz in her gown but after all she is still a commoner.    Not surprisingly she  had to shed a few pounds from her curvaceous form.  Many decisions remain, such as crown or  flowers or tiara.  her bouquet will require a last minute rush as flowers are somewhat sparse.  

The fitting was my not too palatial royal kitchen, no chance of here.

I should have had a challenge going on this one to see who was closest to the real thing.

Birdhouse assault

A few years ago we bought this bird house at an Art Fair and wine festival in Arkansas.  Last year Chris hung it in a tree down behind the house, viewable from the deck.  Just imagine this.  What animal attacked it.  Those poor terrified little birds. 

The house was out of the reach of Tripper, the hunting cat who is currently grounded and on a dusk to dawn curfew for bringing in a baby bunny that Spunk then ate.

April Sketchbook challenge

The theme for April is branching out or the flip side out on a limb.  

i just had to take this literally after looking at Texas Monthly talking about kayaking and thinking about it on a long drive.

In case you missed it the canoes are legs cut from a fashion magazine where the models have incredibly long legs that are fixed to look like sticks.

Branching out is all about the actions coming up later this month when we pick up a new smaller RV; small enough to allow me to drive and also learn how to plan a trip and use a GPS system.  No doubt there are several other items I need to learn so I really will be branching out

Weekend cooking

Cooking is an activity that is great fun.  Lots of time pouring over recipes and deciding what to make and what is in the pantry .  Usually the desire to cook come post shopping hence the pantry routine and all the goggling.  Just hate to have to go out again.  Since last week was a run to San Antonio and Central market (SA's answer to Whole Foods) had sent a flier that cowboy steaks were $7.99lb the shopping preceded the cooking.  just look at this yummy steak   Chris and I have a routine with steaks that involves digital thermometers and resting once temp is reached. This was perfect.

YES The steak is the size of a small roast.  We managed 4 meals from this.  The night before our neighbor Gary gave us a bottle of Sebastian   cab sav.  from the  Alexander valley, a favorite wine region.  What a perfect meal.  To top it off was a homemade rhubarb and blackberry pie from pastry made earlier in the week.

It was a rustic pie but the juice just ran everywhere.  Taste unmarred.

Ella in her Dresses

She has really grown up in the last few months  At this point i bet she was cold as it is cold in UK