April Sketchbook challenge

The theme for April is branching out or the flip side out on a limb.  

i just had to take this literally after looking at Texas Monthly talking about kayaking and thinking about it on a long drive.

In case you missed it the canoes are legs cut from a fashion magazine where the models have incredibly long legs that are fixed to look like sticks.

Branching out is all about the actions coming up later this month when we pick up a new smaller RV; small enough to allow me to drive and also learn how to plan a trip and use a GPS system.  No doubt there are several other items I need to learn so I really will be branching out


  1. Now that I can see a larger version of your out on a limb page--it is very obvious. At the time I looked at it before, it was one of those tiny thumbnails that yahoo sends through the email!! Where will your first vacation in your new RV be to?

  2. This is so funny. What an imagination. And you on the road. How fun!

  3. Hi Monica lovely to hear from you. Trouble is I have a matching pair of now adult children - well son reaches 18 in June - who cannot, will not, pick up a thing.

    I am to blame I know - but I am getting a tad fed up with it. I have a growing blog habit to feed. I need more time!



  4. we do plan to visit Sonoma and hopefully trek to KY and TN after picking up RV and heading home. First we have to fly to IN and that I am not looking forwards to.


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