Birdhouse assault

A few years ago we bought this bird house at an Art Fair and wine festival in Arkansas.  Last year Chris hung it in a tree down behind the house, viewable from the deck.  Just imagine this.  What animal attacked it.  Those poor terrified little birds. 

The house was out of the reach of Tripper, the hunting cat who is currently grounded and on a dusk to dawn curfew for bringing in a baby bunny that Spunk then ate. 


  1. Squirrel? Rat?

    In the deep snowy weather we had here, hungry rats managed to force their way into our rabbit's run under her cage. They clearly made a real effort to get into her cage above by the amount of gnawing at the flap - luckily we discovered their cunning plot in time and managed to relocate her (and them!).

    Naughty Tripper and Spunk - although they should be commended for their teamwork!

  2. Tripper and Spunky--what a pair those two are!! I don't think a squirrel would try to get in a bird house unless there was food inside it--how odd-

  3. Monica - this looks like what the Flicker does every year to every bird house I have ever - ever put up! They want the hole bigger. Bird houses are our best entertainment from the kitchen window although most of them house squirrels now. LOL! Lori at Art Camp for Women


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