Maker's Mark, the FINEST of Bourbons

We traveled directly south from Indiana in the hopes of evading the lines of thunderstorms moving east. It rained all night. We stayed at Grandma's RV just south of ST Louis.  It rained all the way south and through the night.  Little did we know it was to be the last TV connection we would have for several days.  We headed to Bardstown, KY and the Maker's Mark distillery.

 This is the site of the original property.   It is well maintained and the whole property is just gorgeous.  tours are free.

this is not the site of last night's revelry!  

This is the start of the tour, a replica of the original, home of the Samuels in 1950    Their colors are red and black.

 The fermenting 
 the vats

 All about barrels.

 At the end of the tour you get to taste two of their bourbons. It is almost like a cognac so smooth  Liquid GOLD Then if you purchase a bottle you get to dip it in the sealing wax.

Here they are cooling down.

This is a a worthwhile stop on the travels.  it even quit raining for us.
I want to do a separated blog about Mrs Samuels, totally ignored in the brochures.  She was the power behind the throne. 


  1. Did you intentionally wear red and black?!

    Interesting place. I have never tried Bourbon!

  2. Wow Monica.. Your trip looked like it was fun in spite of the weather! Your commentary on things are fun to read!

  3. Hi Monica, Found you via Strathmore. I love the picture with the scale saying "too light." We all need one of those. I"m following here now. Come visit my blog and I'd love it if you followed there. I was in your lovely state just last April.

    Coleen, an American in Ukraine


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