Weekend cooking

Cooking is an activity that is great fun.  Lots of time pouring over recipes and deciding what to make and what is in the pantry .  Usually the desire to cook come post shopping hence the pantry routine and all the goggling.  Just hate to have to go out again.  Since last week was a run to San Antonio and Central market (SA's answer to Whole Foods) had sent a flier that cowboy steaks were $7.99lb the shopping preceded the cooking.  just look at this yummy steak   Chris and I have a routine with steaks that involves digital thermometers and resting once temp is reached. This was perfect.

 YES The steak is the size of a small roast.  We managed 4 meals from this.  The night before our neighbor Gary gave us a bottle of Sebastian   cab sav.  from the  Alexander valley, a favorite wine region.  What a perfect meal.  To top it off was a homemade rhubarb and blackberry pie from pastry made earlier in the week.

It was a rustic pie but the juice just ran everywhere.  Taste unmarred.


  1. Lay another place on the table, I'm coming round! That steak is actually half a cow and looks absolutely delicious. The pie looks perfect.


  2. Looks yummy, I'll have to have my hubby make it, I told him I cooked for the first 25 years he gets to cook for the last 25 years. LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  3. What is a cowboy steak? That food is making me hungry!


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