Why is Margie ignored?

Margie Samuels is the wife of the founder of Maker's Mark Bourbon,  possibly the finest bourbon ever created. In the house, at the start of the distillery are several sketchbooks showing how she designed every step in the building of this distillery and the creation of the bourbon, in 1953.  

here are two of her sketches from just 2 of the sketch books scattered around the house.

  Above the sketch shows her design for the bottle and the color of the wax.  Throughout this book she details everything from seal to label to colors.
this was the design for the distillery.  Pages and pages of every detail.

This is the kitchen where she tried out bread recipes as she figured out she could find the best combinations of grains by making them into bread before they experimented with them in the bourbon.  Only in her books was it possible to find her contribution. It was if we are back in the dark ages where women were decorative pieces who were not to be taken seriously.  Why  was she not acknowledged for her contributions in design, buildings, the bourbon, the PR, the marketing.  This woman is a genius.


  1. Clearly a woman ahead of her time, shame she doesn't receive the recognition she deserves. Well done you for highlighting her spearheading contribution.

    Love her sketchbooks!

  2. How wonderful that you noticed it and commented about it. It's sad that she didn't receive acknowledgement.

  3. Thanks for sharing this unknown story. They say behind every great man is a woman. Somehow it is a small acknowledgement of what we all have known. My late husband depended on me for all of his accomplishments in life. Fortunately I was able to use my time behind the scene to become a professional artist.

  4. It sounds like she did everything short of actually making the whiskey. Maybe she did that, too! I think they should call it Margie's Bourbon.


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