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Surprise I am the may winner in the Sketchbook Challenge here is my entry      

OK I confess my name was pulled, it was a drawing and all I had to do was enter the correct tag.
My prize is from Artists Cellar
I will have to learn how to put their button on my page


This is the travel journal made from Linda Blinn's workshop in the Strathmore series offered on-line.  it is a rambling account of a flight to Indiana to pick up our new RV, a PC Cruiser and the drive home.  
Some of the backgrounds were made before leaving, hence the sunny bright start well it was 80 when we left Texas and 37 when we arrived in Southbend.  It was grey rainy and overcast for hundreds of miles.  I had forgotten weather like that.
I found this phrase in a travel magazine and thought it suited us well.(sorry if you were the next to read it)
 Stepping the first few pages was a great idea Linda. 

page one open.  we missed the connecting flight, arriving at 10.45pm, way past our bed time.  Since it's a journal you gotta write.  What better place.
 Page 2 open.   After the first very cold night we turned on the gas and stayed warm and very comfortable.  ( we realized the gas was off it was raining and we had a electric blanket)
 This was playing with backgrounds so i wrote…

A journaling lesson

Taking a class from Kelly Kilmer    called a Journey of you. This is an effort to make my next travel journal a little different.  it is so easy to get in a rut and find you have made the same thing over and over again. 

 this is how she described it. " In this workshop, you will learn how to create expressive collages using magazines or old books, a glue stick and a small handful of pens.". hopefully it will help to develop better composition and design skills.

here is the image after adding some writing.  Since my floor is littered with eyes i some how started thinking of bits of poetry so i looked them up on line and wrote them down .  (After all a journal is about writing. ).  unfortunately i had stamped the page with a Distress Ink pad.  As a result I was covered in ink and the effect was awful so i cleaned up the page with rubbing alcohol.  next came the white pen written over the other writing. think i should…

RV bedroom drapes

This was one of those quick one day jobs that ended up taking 4 days.  Why, I do not know as it is simple sewing.  As one who is measurement challenged this is quite tedious with drapes.  the original drapes were made of something posing as fabric and very obviously the color choice of the male of the species, in this case the guy who owns the company building the RV.   Why this task is not relegated to Amanda who is the office manager.  She has great taste and could sure set the Phoenix apart from the other dull a and dark RVs flooding the market.    the samples ranged from almost dark to dungeon dark.  I selected the lightest of everything
 this is the couch awaiting the arrival of the fab red afghan Lynn made me.  To all you Brits an afghan is a throw.

View looking down hall to bedroom
 back wall.  These were the hardest to make

the TV space window, that is a froufrou Kleenex cover box i made years ago in my CQ era
this is the window behind the bed.  I used the bed skirt for the blue an…

Fairy Dress for Ella

This is the same pattern used for other dresses called Mary Giggles.  use Michael Miller fairy fabric and a contrast in green.  I made the rose out of a special ribbon bought from Helen Gibb many years ago at the Houston Quilt festival.  USING my STASH!!!

The fabric is very pretty even Chris approved!

It was bought with the intention of making a fab Daisy Kingdom pattern but i had not bought enough fabric.  Unlike patterns from specialty designers the commercial patterns have the right amount of fabric needed for the pattern, ah well i will have to get to Jo Annes to match up the seersucker in my stash.