This is the travel journal made from Linda Blinn's workshop in the Strathmore series offered on-line.  it is a rambling account of a flight to Indiana to pick up our new RV, a PC Cruiser and the drive home.  

Some of the backgrounds were made before leaving, hence the sunny bright start well it was 80 when we left Texas and 37 when we arrived in Southbend.  It was grey rainy and overcast for hundreds of miles.  I had forgotten weather like that.

I found this phrase in a travel magazine and thought it suited us well.(sorry if you were the next to read it)

 Stepping the first few pages was a great idea Linda. 

page one open.  we missed the connecting flight, arriving at 10.45pm, way past our bed time.  Since it's a journal you gotta write.  What better place.
 Page 2 open.   After the first very cold night we turned on the gas and stayed warm and very comfortable.  ( we realized the gas was off it was raining and we had a electric blanket)
 This was playing with backgrounds so i wrote on it.  It is supposed to be a journal so i felt obligated.
I wanted to keep the information on this park so we never stay there again .  Not that Northern Indiana  is on our hot travel list. The spots are a cut up envelope with ephemera in them.  Big word for junk I collected, lost and found later!  beside i love making pockets.

 The left side was a "fismal Dailure".  Sorry that's one of those Brit play on words.

 A favorite place Makers Mark.  yummy enough to make the rain irrelevant. Another couple of pockets with enough information to find it again.  And yes i did make my own.

This is a pretty state, never to be visited on Sunday and worst of all Easter Sunday.  NOT A DROP TO BE FOUND.
here the masterpiece, I added a page extension.  Very proud of this.  Should it be mistresspiece?

We stopped in Corinth, MS as we headed for home with tornadoes and floods growling on our heels.  as you see i practiced spelling.

Louisiana is always fun and if nothing else even the tiniest town has yummy food.  This was a campground to remember.(great location and nice friendly staff).  And look another pocket.  

in the back are the two pockets Linda showed us though she did not sew hers down.
i bound the edge with copper tape because it was hanging  around my drawer and i sewed on two  orange vintage Bakelite buttons.  They should be removed as they are too bulky
  So i almost filled this journal.  It's the Strathmore acrylic, friendly mixed media 5x8, visual journal.  i really like this size.


  1. Lovin' your pockets!

    Great journal about your trip with great colours. Cool sentiment you found too :o)

    Happy memories.

  2. What a great job you did on this journal!! I love the stepped pages at the beginning!! and the sewn pockets and the fold out page.

  3. I absolutely love the whole journal. What a great way to show where you were and what was happening. I cut stepped pages awhile back to show some friends something different to do in their journals and then couldn't come up with something to put on the pages. Love what you did and how it all blends. Great.

  4. monica, it was inspiring to see each page in your journal. (And by inspiring, I mean I'll be copying your techniques!)


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