RV bedroom drapes

This was one of those quick one day jobs that ended up taking 4 days.  Why, I do not know as it is simple sewing.  As one who is measurement challenged this is quite tedious with drapes.  the original drapes were made of something posing as fabric and very obviously the color choice of the male of the species, in this case the guy who owns the company building the RV.   Why this task is not relegated to Amanda who is the office manager.  She has great taste and could sure set the Phoenix apart from the other dull a and dark RVs flooding the market.    the samples ranged from almost dark to dungeon dark.  I selected the lightest of everything
 this is the couch awaiting the arrival of the fab red afghan Lynn made me.  To all you Brits an afghan is a throw.

View looking down hall to bedroom

 back wall.  These were the hardest to make

the TV space window, that is a froufrou Kleenex cover box i made years ago in my CQ era

this is the window behind the bed.  I used the bed skirt for the blue and the rust fabric is from the Westminster fabric line.  Everything is lined.  I knew that lining was worth saving, it was in my stash for years
So PC is now starting to look like  it belongs to us.  I do plan to add some art postcards to the valence in the main cabin over the couch.  in the mean time working on where to put stuff and donating lots of other stuff kept in the Alfa..


  1. Being another one who is measuringly challenged, I completely understand why it took four days!! Looks good-I like your color choices!!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. It must be fun setting up a mini home.

  3. 'measurement challenged' ha ha ha ha!! Love it. Well done for making all these drapes - lovely funky colours.

    Good to hear you won't be throwing a red dog (Afghan hound) on the couch. They don't like being thrown around!


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