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Kelly Kilmer, J.O.Y. CLASS

Two more pages for this class.   Here is a great way to use up the inserts that come with Rx and you end up with a stack of them.  ( The US ones are written by scientists I think in UK they are written so that the patient understands what they are taking). Tore up lots of inserts, covered page.   Returning again to my hip replacement theme,  I added the xray as focus image;  stamped poppy because when tearing up paper i recalled the hallucinations that came from the opiates they give you so you feel no pain. In hospital the hallucinations  were lime green glittery butterflies.

As I read and went over Kelly's notes it became obvious that the words/journaling are merely art details or added parts and that really i should be leaving great areas for journaling.  In fact it is a part of  the composition and the images and journaling does not relate.  In fact you could make tons of these then go back and write on any you wanted to.   .

So for this one I found the focus image. Bionica(!), the…

composition class Horizons

I have thousands of disorganized images filed everywhere.   i keep deciding on new locations and ways to organize them.  My latest collection were from Wine Spectator, given to me by a friend.  I spent hour tearing and cutting. Also had to read the recipes and ratings along the way.  It beats Teen Vogue( the reading TV has some stupid but fabulous ads that make good images, plus you can feel smug and shocked that teens buy that stuff).  

The class is excellent,  teach is Claudine Hellmuth, very detailed.  

This is a high horizon composition. Image below is from wine spectator and ML image is from my on-line collection stored in images, women.  It is digitally altered. ML liked this bottle and is tasting  the plums, earth and cherries in this fabulous aged cab sav!

Another High Horizon composition , this time in landscape.  This is from  images found incorrectly filed.  That is Houston skyline, interspersed tissue paper between magazine pieces and Bull. 

Just make it

Because we had friends for dinner on Saturday, the latter half of last week was taken up with obsessing about the Cuban feast I was making (Thank you Epicurious).  It was good.  pork infused with garlic and citrus then slowly grilled and the best black beans and rice ever!

The boys of summer on pet screening, another project in waiting

fabric called

The next "to do" the Simplicity Daisy Kingdom dress and on the list make a collage, homework in Claudine Hellmuth's Class.  So instead of my usual frantic "have to finish it" I am playing cool.  Cut fabric Sunday, assemble collage, sew skirt today and finish collage.  tomorrow read new class notes, and make top.

The work table

The iron is always up but only for sewing.  Skirt  semi complete, needs a band.

Recently had my machine serviced and now it sews better than ever.  Really loving making these dresses.  i'l just get good at it and she will want real clothes

I called this Ms Footsee meets High Fashion.  i need to t…

In search of

In search of words.

I like the idea of visual journaling but I have a hard time grasping what it's all about.  It appears to be a place to bare ones soul.  Not that anyone is really supposed to read it as journals are a private set of writing.  Considering my life is not filled with angst and forebodings and that little time is spent pondering the evils of the world and injustice  I really have little to write down.   As a result in my current class, Journey of You, i have taken to Googling  lines of poetry that pop into my mind from some deep residue of a school  memories.   it is most enjoyable.  Except i do not remember the poem as it actually is.  nevertheless the brilliance of these works is a delight to read.
On the second spread, on left side i tried just writing and found no pleasure in it.  I do not really like these smug words.  i really liked the focal image  so on to the next spread
i feel this should be captioned  if you want to tget ahead , get a hat


Just love this blog as it will inspire when traveling with a journal.
All manner of fun maps