composition class Horizons

I have thousands of disorganized images filed everywhere.   i keep deciding on new locations and ways to organize them.  My latest collection were from Wine Spectator, given to me by a friend.  I spent hour tearing and cutting. Also had to read the recipes and ratings along the way.  It beats Teen Vogue( the reading TV has some stupid but fabulous ads that make good images, plus you can feel smug and shocked that teens buy that stuff).  

The class is excellent,  teach is Claudine Hellmuth, very detailed.  

This is a high horizon composition.  Image below is from wine spectator and ML image is from my on-line collection stored in images, women.  It is digitally altered. ML liked this bottle and is tasting  the plums, earth and cherries in this fabulous aged cab sav!

Another High Horizon composition , this time in landscape.  This is from  images found incorrectly filed.  That is Houston skyline, interspersed tissue paper between magazine pieces and Bull. 


  1. I'm glad to see Mona Lisa is still enjoying a bit of the grape! Is this class mainly about creating collage?

  2. Monica--these pages are fabulous! especially the Mona Lisa one!! Claudines class looks really good--is it an open class or just offered this one time??

  3. These are such fun, very YOU and perfect for Claudine's class. I haven't had a chance to watch all the videos etc, so I must get on with it!

    (images incorrectly filed, ha ha!)



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