In search of words.

I like the idea of visual journaling but I have a hard time grasping what it's all about.  It appears to be a place to bare ones soul.  Not that anyone is really supposed to read it as journals are a private set of writing.  Considering my life is not filled with angst and forebodings and that little time is spent pondering the evils of the world and injustice  I really have little to write down.   As a result in my current class, Journey of You, i have taken to Googling  lines of poetry that pop into my mind from some deep residue of a school  memories.   it is most enjoyable.  Except i do not remember the poem as it actually is.  nevertheless the brilliance of these works is a delight to read.
On the second spread, on left side i tried just writing and found no pleasure in it.  I do not really like these smug words.  i really liked the focal image  so on to the next spread
i feel this should be captioned  if you want to tget ahead , get a hat


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