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Because we had friends for dinner on Saturday, the latter half of last week was taken up with obsessing about the Cuban feast I was making (Thank you Epicurious).  It was good.  pork infused with garlic and citrus then slowly grilled and the best black beans and rice ever!

The boys of summer on pet screening, another project in waiting

fabric called

The next "to do" the Simplicity Daisy Kingdom dress and on the list make a collage, homework in Claudine Hellmuth's Class.  So instead of my usual frantic "have to finish it" I am playing cool.  Cut fabric Sunday, assemble collage, sew skirt today and finish collage.  tomorrow read new class notes, and make top.

The work table

The iron is always up but only for sewing.  Skirt  semi complete, needs a band.

Recently had my machine serviced and now it sews better than ever.  Really loving making these dresses.  i'l just get good at it and she will want real clothes

I called this Ms Footsee meets High Fashion.  i need to tart it up a bit.

The collage, for Claudine's class "composition".  It is now apparent that composition was not included in my genes.


  1. The cuban dinner sounds wonderful!! I like your page--look forward to seeing it glammed up!

  2. Monica, your comments on my blog post made me laugh (again, you always make me laugh!). I read Claudine's comment on your "Yikes!" collage - I seem to recall that she congratulated you on it and was more than happy with what you had created. And as for Kelly's Art Journal class - again, you did it brilliantly! You actually think OUT OF THE BOX which is something I'm aspiring to do. You're one up on me there, girl!

    Keep going, and stop beating yourself up. Got it?!


  3. Hi Monica..maybe I should reply: I live in UK not NZ!!!

  4. what is the claudine hellmuth class about? I took one with her last summer that was lots of fun.


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