Kelly Kilmer, J.O.Y. CLASS

Two more pages for this class.  
Here is a great way to use up the inserts that come with Rx and you end up with a stack of them.  ( The US ones are written by scientists I think in UK they are written so that the patient understands what they are taking). Tore up lots of inserts, covered page.   Returning again to my hip replacement theme,  I added the xray as focus image;  stamped poppy because when tearing up paper i recalled the hallucinations that came from the opiates they give you so you feel no pain. In hospital the hallucinations  were lime green glittery butterflies.

As I read and went over Kelly's notes it became obvious that the words/journaling are merely art details or added parts and that really i should be leaving great areas for journaling.  In fact it is a part of 
the composition and the images and journaling does not relate.  In fact you could make tons of these then go back and write on any you wanted to.  

So for this one I found the focus image. Bionica(!), them just found bits and scraps that fitted, played around with background and ended up stamping it as i cannot recall the great place i put my Artists's Cellar stencils. 



  1. Brilliant, both of them! Great colour combos, and Bionica is, well, every boys dream isn't she?! I particularly like the first one because it is so personal to you.

    My Kelly JOY has kinda taken a back seat with everything else going on, but you've inspired me to get on with it again.


  2. Great collages! I also pick the first one. There is something very beautiful to me about x-rays and the human anatomy. However since I had a knee replacement, the thought of a hip replacement scares me!

  3. Finally getting to get around to my favorite blogs! Things just stacked up. You have been busy with the classes and sewing - great work all round. I saw one of the little dresses somewhere and they are so sweet. I think you are on a road trip now. Have fun and keep a journal. Love your blog. Lori from sketchbook


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