The View from the Passenger Seat 3

Sears Point, Infineon Race tract is located in Sonoma County CA.  It is a road tract, and unlike an oval you don't see all of the race.   Sonoma is one of the finest wine regions in the world.  it is the first tract where we saw bottles of wine out on tables everywhere!  They did not sell wine at the tract.
Here is our Phoenix Cruiser (PC) in our place at the RV camp called 50 acres.  We were soon surrounded by hard drinking party goers.

like most parks at a racing weekend they came to party.  At Sonoma the crowd was quite younger than other race traks and very friendly.  They stop and chat whenever they see you sitting outside.  The weather was perfect but dry so no fires and no open pit barbecuing.  Also like other tracks they had come for years and had the same spot.  This guy even had couches and had set up a bar.

 our friendly neighbors quickly told us the grand stand was not the best seats but Turn 7.  Chris bought grandstand so i would be out of the sun.  he is so thoughtful.  Well we checked Turn 7 and it was a very exciting place with two sharp turns.
 Here is Chris the only guy covered up.

 It was a very exciting spot but the main race started at noon and it was hot and sunny so we retreated to the grand stand.
  We could see the pits but they seemed to come into the pits less than usual.  loce watching them change the tires and fill up, so fast and organized.

This is Rowdy the M& M mascot for Kyle Busch # 18.  At Bristol he won all 3 races   He lost to his brother Kurt.  
I just knew Rowdy was very pissed off.

That was the last race and most people packed up after the race and left when the day car parks emptied, about 4 hours later.  We left Monday for Santa Rosa stopping in Sonoma for coffee and pastry at the Basque Boulangere .  bliss!  then on to the Santa Rosa Fairground and the start of our wine surfing!

Since CA is a very politically correct state and the current buzz words are sustainable, organic, recyclable and artisanal.  the race track ran lots of stuff off solar panal but the grass lands were maintained by sheep.  it is very weired to see sheep noshing on the hill side as cars wiz by at 125 mph. Then we saw them all line up and then they were gone.  Probably decided to sheer them.
Sheep at Infineon Raceway.JPG


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