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Sonoma and Mendocino have the most spectacular coastline, add to that vineyards, fresh produce, breweries, flowers, art laid back attitude  and easy access to major cities and to me it is heaven.   Mind you the roads are potholed and parks closed but that is the human failures.
Here is the fab bakery in Sonoma.

This is a bicycle rack in the town of Sonoma.  gorgeous little square.  lots of B&Bs and vineyards. 
 In Santa Rosa are first winery was D'Argenzio.  It was in the town and we were there a long time and had a case shipped!!  (We brought two bottles home and tried one this die for smooth, exquisite taste)  next  on to the only one open and way off the beaten track.  The gardens were better than the wine.

Next morning it was overcast, raining   and cold.  We headed to hog island for oysters.  Brianna at D'Agenzio recommended it.   She failed to mention you have to shuck your own!  Chris only broke one knife. 

it was really a river estuary.

Then it was to Petulma, a city lined with gorgeous gingerbread houses,  it was raining so hard we just slipped into a coffee bar and headed for Bodega Bay.  We ate at the Tides, as we had 20 or so years earlier.  I had Ciopinno, a dish full of all types of shellfish in a rich tomato base.  

Then we went to the head and actually saw wales flopping around and spouting off.  That's is them just off the rock to the right!  White sprays are the splash of their tails.

 Next day we left for Mendocino and Boonesville , surfing wine in 
Healdsburg.   We stayed at Boonesville Fairground surrounded by sheep, goats and vineyards.  this is the town of Mendocino and 20 mile drive through twisting roads and towering redwoods along the Navarro river

the gardens are just gorgeous, sort of English , below is an Angels trumpet, brugmanesia.

These are very expensive boutiques that have lovely items.

 it is also where they grow medicinal marijuana, sure were a lot of sick people around! We visited many of the wineries.  This is Navarro.   We joined their club 30 years ago and visit then whenever we come west.

I think i over brightened this photo.  

Friday was Farmers market in Mendocino.  the prices were high.  2 ozs of sea salt $15.

 Off to Fort Bragg, the brewery and fish and chips for dinner.  Fish from the local fishermen!
Then the botanical garden on the cliffs.

this is the redwoods forests along the river road. 

Roses in Philo.  They grow wild all over this area of CA.
this is the Husch Winery.  We first visited it 30 years ago.

Saturday night dinner at the Bonneville Hotel, it was an in spot in the 70s and remains popular and "in"
last time apples were falling on our heads and kittens scapered around.

It was a very fresh meal all local produce and they served lamb. 
great last night


  1. Lots of wonderful photos, and really interesting chat about your journey.

    How lovely to see those whales.

    The pics of that yummy food are making me hungry!

  2. Monica-what a wonderful trip this looks like and such beautiful scenery! You and Chris look like you are having great fun!!

  3. I am taking notes on your post -- what a wonderful description and tour guide you are. You clearly know where to go and what to see out there, while our visit to CA was considerably less informed. ARe you making a list to share with us of the wines we need to buy ???

  4. As a previous CA'ian I loved the trip tick. Thanks for taking us along. Sorry it took me so long to catch up! Lori de Froup

  5. I feel like I'm on vacation just reading your posts! What a fabulous trip! You make me want to plan one just like it and follow all your steps along the way!


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