The view from the passengers seat 2

 The distant mountain is Cloudcroft NM.  below the  camp at Mayhill at dawn.

We set off up the mountain, from about 8,000 to  10,000 feet it was 14 miles of forest
through the tunnel, far easier than in a big Alfa
 And a quick descent to the valley, Quite different

 then a ride across the valley and onto some terrible side roads to Williams AZ

The next day we headed across the Mojave.  Since the water is harvested the mountains are quite barren and the grass is dried up and golden.  when you descend into Bakersfield you suddenly are confronted by a patchwork of green and some earth tones.  Bakersfield is in the central valley where  citrus fruit, vegetables, and nuts  are grown year round.  that day it was 104 degrees.
We were happy to leave and head for Sears Point and NASCAR.  Travelling along 101 the scenery is  incredible as the central valley run N to S with  mountain chains lined up on each side.  one citrus frmer even put up signs showing what fruit tree you were flying by, oranges, lemon, limes, mandarins and then almonds.  That solved the endless guessing games that help pass the time away of what is growing in that field.  On this trip we had a Garmin that tried desperately to get us to go through San Francisco and then to Berkeley.  it managed to lead us into Crockett where a fast Uee (u Turn) by DH in Main S. put us onto the right bridge and to our destination.

Note Photography through the windshield does not yield national geographic material!


  1. LOVE those photos (particularly the one with the googly-eyed smiling frog on the dashboard!) and your descriptions, very interesting. I find the space, so much space, quite amazing. And it looks so dry! So different from my own home landscape and so fascinating.


  2. I think the pics and the narrative are great! I can feel those G's and vertigo!


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